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Vista Streetlights
San Diego, CA 92084

Below Grade Waterproofing. 126 unit mixed use residential apartments. Wood framed.
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Below Grade Waterproofing
San Diego, CA 92103

Below Grade Waterproofing. Mixed use 7 story building. Concrete podium over 3 levels - BG parking.
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Pedestal Set Wood Tile Construction
San Diego, CA 92101

Pedestal Set Wood Tile Construction San Diego, CA 92101
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Hotel Del Coronado
South Beach

Apex did the waterproofing for the interior pool cavity and the concrete deck.
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New Office Construction
San Diego, CA 92107

New office Construction. San Diego, CA 92107
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Bathroom / Home Restoration
San Diego, CA 92107

Bathroom and home restoration. San Diego, CA 92107
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Emergency Restorations


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