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Apex has a long history of working with and around complex defect litigation cases. We self-perform services including but not limited to ladder/boom assists, interior and exterior destructive testing, water testing (including ASTM E1105), cost of repair estimating, expert witness, and the actual repair of the defect.

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Since 2003, our team of experts has worked with and around complex defect litigation cases. We offer clear communication throughout our litigation process to ensure you're up to date on your case.

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Your investment deserves protection, safe a harmful construction and financial burden. Our industry experts have years of experience and will work with you to solve your claim.



Success Measured One Job at a Time

All successful projects require open and honest communication. Leaving the customer satisfied demands quality work and service with integrity.

WeLease Co.

"As a project coordinator, Apex helped me tremendously in the water mitigation, abatement, and restoration for one of our properties. This is the first time we used them, but it definitely won't be the last!

The whole team was so willing to help. They have different techs who were in charge of the different processes but they always kept me updated, especially Meagan Nieves. She kept me in the loop & went above & beyond to help in whichever way she could.

Thank you so much!"