The Unique Challenges of Natural Disasters and How to Beat Them

For many people, living in San Diego County is a dream come true. This beautiful and historic area has pleasant temperatures, gorgeous ocean vistas, and a rich culture of its own. But, as with anywhere, it also comes with its fair share of dangers for homeowners.

In the San Diego region, property owners have always dealt with the dangers of living in an area known for earthquakes. But they now face newer threats like wildfires and coastal flooding due to climate changes. The challenges you face and the recovery process from each type of disaster is as unique as the disaster itself.

How so? Here are some answers.

1. The Challenges After a Fire

Fires generally happen in one of two ways. First, an individual house may suffer a fire from an electrical problem, lit materials in the home, or even arson. In this case, you’ll have to rebuild your home in the middle of a working neighborhood. You’ll have to manage the expectations of neighbors, traffic, and people going about their business around your construction zone.

When a construction company only rebuilds or repairs one home at a time, they may also face higher prices for materials that can’t be bought in bulk as well as difficulty finding specific parts for older homes.

The second type of fire disaster comes from the outside: wildfires. Increasingly common in California, wildfires may destroy a large swath of properties in the same area. Reconstruction can be hindered by large amounts of debris in the area and competition for the same building materials.

2. The Challenges After a Flood

Like fires, floods may come from the home itself or may be external. But, unlike fires, flood insurance coverage is handled differently than other damage. The source of flooding impacts what insurance will pay for. Many homeowners may find that they don’t have coverage for a flood at all. The homeowner may have to make tough choices, seek outside assistance, and pay for more costs themselves.

Flooding also holds a particular danger because of water damage: the need for speed. While you can delay cleanup and rebuilding with most natural disasters, water needs proper removal right away. Otherwise, you risk the growth of potentially life-threatening mold which could even cause the building to become permanently unlivable.

3. The Challenges After an Earthquake

Earthquakes come often to Southern California and are mostly harmless. But if you are near the epicenter of a large one, your home could have severe damage from the foundation all the way to the roof. While fires and flooding may affect only one area of a home, an earthquake can spread out the damage through an entire structure.

In addition to the potential large-scale damage to your own property, an earthquake will likely cause damage throughout your community. That means that you will be one of many people facing utility shortages, scheduling inspections and reconstruction, and ordering replacement materials. This could increase your costs as well as the amount of time you can’t live in your home.

Where Should You Start?

So, with all these varied obstacles to face, where should you start? Step one is to not delay obtaining help. Water damage needs immediate correction, and both fires and earthquakes can render buildings unstable or unsafe to inhabit. And if you’re in a disaster area, a lot of people will need recovery assistance — so you must move fast.

When you do hire assistance, look for a qualified reconstruction service with experience handling your particular type of disaster. Ask about their background with fire, flood, or earthquake recovery as well as how they address these disasters individually.

Apex has aided San Diego County residents and others for more than a decade. We can help you successfully face whatever disaster you’ve suffered and start rebuilding today.

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