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To protect the structural integrity of many buildings, it is often necessary to waterproof the building envelope with high-performance coatings and/or membranes. Waterproofing technology has improved dramatically in recent years, including superior products and newly adopted changes in building codes and designs. Below Grade Waterproofing acts as a barrier between groundwater and the building structure to prevent the penetration of water. Other waterproofing membranes prevent water movement between horizontal surfaces. Air and Vapor barriers serve to control the diffusion of water vapor from areas of higher concentration to areas of lower concentration and are an important consideration in conditioned space structures.

Apex Contracting offers commercial and residential waterproofing services throughout Southern California. Our waterproofing services include:

  • Below grade
  • Above grade
  • Injected chemical grouting
  • Caulking and Joint Sealants
  • Expansion Joints
  • Epoxy Coating
  • Pavers/Pedestals
  • Deck and Traffic Coatings
  • Air Barrier
  • Crystalline/Negative side waterproofing
  • Split-slab/Podium decks

Whether it’s new construction or an existing below grade structure, we can handle any size waterproofing project. If your property is over 20 years old, there may be a concern that the old waterproofing system is failing. Apex Contracting carries waterproofing systems and products that are specifically designed to resolve most water related issues.

If you are experiencing moisture related floor covering failures, Apex Contracting has extensive experience dealing with elevated moisture levels in slab on grade foundations. We can properly test your concrete slab and recommend the right option for you. We understand that a successful moisture control solution requires the knowledge to determine the right product and the experience to perform the proper preparation and application.