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Full Service Contracting

Apex provides a broad base of construction and restoration services. Our expertise ranges from new construction to correcting construction defects; from flood-, fire- and mold-damage mitigation to repairs and remodeling for residential customers; and from working.

Careful planning is one of the hallmarks of our approach. We evaluate our projects in advance, strategize on the best approach and bring just the right combination of staff skills and experience to each job. We specialize in handling projects independently, regardless of the complexity or involvement of others. We also do everything possible to minimize our client’s effort. While we maintain regular communication with our clients so that they always know about the progress of the job, we don’t burden them with daily concerns or issues. We deal with every aspect of the project at hand, allowing our clients to continue with the rest of their business. Doing whatever it takes to deliver quality construction in a timely manner is our goal. It’s our promise, too.