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Construction & Defect Repairs

Our proficiencies in this area include destructive testing in order to determine hidden causes of damage, as well as forensic consulting, expert witness work with causation and Cost of Repair (COR) services. We handle the project from material removal to access the deficiency through defect repair and finish with seamless restoration of the affected areas.

Often construction-defect repairs involve a number of parties, such as plaintiff and defense attorneys, architects, and property and building representatives. Professional discretion and good judgment are as important in this type of work as expertise. We understand just how politically charged some of these situations can be and we are very careful in how we handle them. Our tact and diplomacy have earned us a well-regarded reputation throughout the industry.

Apex can handle construction defect cases of all sizes. For more information or to set up a meeting with one of our experts, call us at 619-255-3022.