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Our goal is to combine expertise and capabilities to provide solutions and value for customers in need of mitigation, restoration and construction services.

Our Philosophy

Our flexibility to meet individual customers’ needs sets us apart from the competition. Using expertise and resources to complete projects efficiently is our value. Reality is rooted in perception: it is just as important that our customer knows the job is well done as it is to do a job well.

Value means providing a service and price we can stand behind. All successful projects require open and honest communication. Leaving the customer satisfied demands quality work and service with integrity. Understanding our customers’ needs is where success begins. Employee input is critical to accomplish our goals. Success is measured one job at time.

The Apex Advantage

Apex provides a broad base of construction and restoration services. Our expertise ranges from new construction to correcting construction defects; from flood-, fire- and mold-damage mitigation to repairs and remodeling for residential customers; and from working with insurance companies, lawyers, architects and developers on a case-by-case basis to providing tenant improvements for property owners and builders.

We’re staffed with the best technicians, equipped with the best mitigation and remediation equipment, and ready to apply our comprehensive expertise to construction and remediation projects 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Our affiliation with Disaster Kleenup International (DKI) gives us an added advantage: We’re able to exchange resources and ideas with experts across the country, keeping us on the leading edge of industry trends and techniques.

Contact us when you have a crisis. Rely on us for continuing projects. You’ll get the results you’re looking for. And the assurance of a job that meets your satisfaction every time.